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Co-Living Space

Our co-living spaces at Hung Hom and Mongkok are suitable for students, working youth and entrepreneurs, aiming to create a sharing community and enrich lifestyle, mindset and experience of residents.

Co-living is about creating an environment that inspires and empowers residents to develop connections and share knowledge among those who also occupy the co-living space. It helps residents save the cost of living through sharing space and resources.




10-12, Dundas Street & 50, Tung On Street

Bibliotheque advocates the concept of co-living. It creates not only a living space, but also introduces a brand-new style of living – sharing of common space and facilities to enrich residents’ life. Besides, Bibliotheque hosts various kinds of activities to provide a platform for residents to meet with like-minded people, and to facilitate communication.

HOSTEL - Ho Man Tin

A Hostel provides a new living style for youth, 5-mins walk from Ho Man Tin MTR station. All units are equipped with well-furnished living room so that the residents are ready to use after moving in. 

項目已於 2019年 1月出售

Project existed on January 2019


Interested in joining our co-space community? Contact us and we will take you for a tour at our co-spaces!

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