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Synergy Biz Group 接受 TVB 邀請為年輕人介紹共居空間


Synergy Biz Group explained the coliving space concept to youngster at TVB


Synergy Biz Group接受國際傳媒訪問講解香港共居情況 

Synergy Biz Group received interview from international media to explain Hong Kong coliving status

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Synergy Biz Group 首創 VR3D 實境共居示範單位


Synergy Biz Group integrated technology into its

coliving space to launch the first VR3D co living showroom

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近年,Synergy Biz Group 除了致力發展香港共享空間,同時亦積極肩負起其社會責任, 支持跨界別溝通,了解及掌握社會需要.....Synergy Biz Group 獲香港項目管理學會及香港營造師學會邀請,成為「香港共 享空間之旅」研討會之演講嘉賓.....

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